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Sample Questions
Q) A company has an external-facing web application that requires end-to-end encryption and Layer-7 functionality. Which protocol type would an engineer choose for the virtual server and service?
a) SSL

Q) Scenario: A NetScaler Engineer has been tasked with re configuring an existing NetScaler deployment. The engineer is currently running a high-availability (HA) pair of NetScaler 10.5 appliances, but the Vice President of IT has requested a more efficient way of preserving and balancing network resources and throughput while having a single point of management for the NetScaler appliances. What should the engineer configure to satisfy the requirements outlined by the Vice President of IT?
a) Switch from traditional HA to -INC mode HA.
b) Break the HA pair and configure clustering instead.
c) Break the HA pair and configure three standalone NetScaler nodes.
c) None
d) Leave HA enabled and increase bandwidth to both NetScaler nodes.

Q) Which two certificate formats are supported when creating a certificate key pair on the NetScaler?
a) PEM
b) DER
c) PKCS7
d) PKCS12

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