[100% Off Udemy Free Coupon]-How to Write a Romance Novel

Bliss. Euphoria. Tremendous self-pride. Such terms fail to fully capture the sensation that meets those who accomplish a personal high goal. This is a sensation that many authors know well.
Writing a book is difficult; writing romance only multiplies this difficulty. There’s so much more going on within a successful romance novel than readily meets the untrained eye. Average readers would have little to say if asked what factors make a terrific romance novel. Such readers certainly wouldn’t go on for hours and hours, as this course does, explaining the vital nuisances of plot, setting, and characterization.
It is not the average readers’ fault, discerning the secrets of a successful tale are not easy to uncover. It requires years of hard work and diligent study to remove the mysteries of what creates a well-crafted tale. Or rather, it use to. This course strives to remove such torment.
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